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Home Loan Interest Rates in Pennsylvania – Refinance Mortgage 30 Year Rates Under 5% in Fall 2010

Home loan interest rates have piqued the interest of many American homeowners as refinancing offers a chance to save a large amount of money.  Home loan interest rates in Pennsylvania continues to be a popular search phrase as many of those in Pennsylvania are looking to save money as quickly as possible.  With 30 year fixed mortgage rates near all time lows below 5% there are great opportunities available.  It is important to remember that not all Americans will have the opportunity to lock in to these low rates.  To refinance below 5% you will likely need a credit score that is above 740 and a debt to income ratio that is well below 40%.

Without meeting these requirements you will likely not be able to qualify for the lowest home loan interest rates in Pennsylvania.  This should not deter all homeowners as saving one full percentage point on a mortgage refinance will likely save the borrower money.  How much can be saved will be greatly determined by the financial situation.  Some borrowers have had an opportunity to save hundreds of dollars a month that can go a very long way towards other financial needs such as paying credit card or other bills.

For much more information on home loan interest rates make sure to check out the comments below or read the in depth article Home Loan Interest Rates – How Can I Refinance or Lock In To a Low Mortgage Rate Today?

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  1. With Pennsylvania having many homeowners in major cities it should come as no surprise to see a huge amount of searches for the lowest home loan interest rates in Pennsylvania. There are many available resources online that can help homeowners and first time home buyers when it comes to advice about buying a home or refinancing a home in the state of Pennsylvania. One of the best resources is


  2. There are many areas of Pennsylvania that offer very good opportunities to lock in to low home loan interest rates. It tends to be the case that the major metropolitan areas offer the most opportunities as these cities are build on finances and money. With this being the case there is a list of the major cities in the state of Pennsylvania:

    Philadelphia, PA
    Population: 1,517,550 (US Census 2000)

    Pittsburgh, PA
    Population: 334,563 (US Census 2000)

    Allentown, PA
    Population: 106,632 (US Census 2000)

    Erie, PA
    Population: 103,717 (US Census 2000)

    Reading, PA
    Population: 81,207 (US Census 2000)

    Scranton, PA
    Population: 76,415 (US Census 2000)

    Bethlehem, PA
    Population: 71,329 (US Census 2000)

    Lancaster, PA
    Population: 56,348 (US Census 2000)

    Levittown, PA
    Population: 53,966 (US Census 2000)

    Altoona, PA
    Population: 49,523 (US Census 2000)

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