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Home Loan Interest Rates in Rhode Island – Refinance 30 Year Fixed Rates Near All Time Lows for Homeowners and Borrowers in 2010

Home loan interest rates in Rhode Island remain very popular as many homeowners are looking to refinance to a historical low on 30 year fixed mortgage rates.  Many American homeowners have had the ability to save a significant amount of money by going through the refinance process.  It is very important to remember that you may see 30 year fixed mortgage rates advertised under 5% but that does not mean that all Americans are going to have the chance to lock in to rates this low.  Many Americans will see higher interest rate offers as their credit score and debt to income ratio are not up to par.

When looking for the lowest home loan interest rates in Rhode Island remember that you will need a credit score above 740.  With a credit score below this level it is going to be very hard for mortgage lenders to offer extremely low interest rates to borrowers.  Even the largest mortgage lenders in the country do not have the access to low rates to offer everyone this historically low 30 year fixed mortgage rates.  With this in mind it is very important to improve your credit score to the best of your ability.

For much more information on home loan interest rates make sure to check out the comments below or read the in depth article Home Loan Interest Rates – How Can I Refinance or Lock In To a Low Mortgage Rate Today?

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  1. While many people do not consider Rhode Island the hotbed of the real estate market there are still many people who are looking to save money with low home loan interest rates in Rhode Island. It is very important to remember that getting the lowest possible rates means that you will likely need a very good financial report card. If you have missed bill payments in the recent past then it could be very hard to lock in to the lowest possible home loan interest rates available.

  2. Although Rhode Island is very small in size there are some large areas in the state that could offer a decent deal when it comes to low home loan interest rates. If you are truly seeking low home loan interest rates in Rhode there are opportunities in the larger areas. With that in mind here is a list of the largest cities in Rhode Island;

    Providence, RI
    Population: 173,618 (US Census 2000)

    Warwick, RI
    Population: 85,808 (US Census 2000)

    Cranston, RI
    Population: 79,269 (US Census 2000)

    Pawtucket, RI
    Population: 72,958 (US Census 2000)

    East Providence, RI
    Population: 48,688 (US Census 2000)

    Woonsocket, RI
    Population: 43,224 (US Census 2000)

    Coventry, RI
    Population: 33,668 (US Census 2000)

    North Providence, RI
    Population: 32,411 (US Census 2000)

    Cumberland, RI
    Population: 31,840 (US Census 2000)

    West Warwick, RI
    Population: 29,581 (US Census 2000)

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