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Home Loan Interest Rates in South Carolina – Fixed Mortgage Rates Reach All Time Low in August 2010 Nationwide

Home loan interest rates remain a very popular topic as many Americans are finding that mortgage rates are very close to all-time lows. It comes as no surprise to see a large number of searches for home loan interest rates and South Carolina as many people are looking to refinance or lock in to a very low fixed mortgage rate today. Many mortgage lenders are quoting fixed mortgage rates at all-time lows in early August of 2010. The 30 year fixed rate has been quoted as low as 4.4% and this could save many Americans a significant amount of money.

With this being the case many homeowners will flock to their local mortgage lender to see if they can refinance to lower rates. It is extremely important to remember not all people can lock into low home loan interest rates in South Carolina. To get the lowest possible rates you will need a credit score above 740 and a debt to income ratio that is below the 40% mark. Without these requirements you’re going to find that quotes for home loan interest rates are much higher for your financial position.

For much more information on home loan interest rates make sure to check out the comments below or read the in depth article Home Loan Interest Rates – How Can I Refinance or Lock In To a Low Mortgage Rate Today?

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  1. South Carolina has seen a drop in home values which leads to many issues when it comes to making ends meet with personal finances. Remember that refinancing to a low home loan interest rate in South Carolina could save you a lot of money each month. It would be smart to use a mortgage calculator and determine just have much you can save by refinancing today. Here is a website that offers a very handy mortgage calculator:


  2. South Carolina is a very large state when it comes to area and there are a few larger cities that could offer more opportunities when it comes to credit card debt relief in South Carolina. It might be a very smart decision to travel to a large city to expand your options and find more competition. This could end up saving you money in the long run. With that in mind here are the larger cities in South Carolina:

    Columbia, SC
    Population: 116,278 (US Census 2000)

    Charleston, SC
    Population: 96,650 (US Census 2000)

    North Charleston, SC
    Population: 79,641 (US Census 2000)

    Greenville, SC
    Population: 56,002 (US Census 2000)

    Rock Hill, SC
    Population: 49,765 (US Census 2000)

    Mount Pleasant, SC
    Population: 47,609 (US Census 2000)

    Spartanburg, SC
    Population: 39,673 (US Census 2000)

    Sumter, SC
    Population: 39,643 (US Census 2000)

    Hilton Head Island, SC
    Population: 33,862 (US Census 2000)

    Florence, SC
    Population: 30,248 (US Census 2000)

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