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Watch NASCAR Race Live Online for Free – Streaming Sprint Cup Racing in 2010

UPDATE:  The qualifying for the Carfax 400 this week is proving to be very interesting as Dale Earnhardt Jr will start from the back of the pack but his Hendrick motorsports teammate Jeff Gordon will be close to the back as well so it might be the case that they can work towards the front together.  With Jr. on the outside looking in he will want to make a splash this week if he hopes to make the Chase for the Sprint Cup.  Not only is Earnhardt Jr. on the outside looking in but so is his teammate Mark Martin.  It might be the case that these two work together over the next few weeks to get enough points to get into the Chase.  With this being a huge race when it comes to NASCAR points look for many fans to search to watch the Carfax 400 race live online for free.

The latest race that will be available live online is at Watkins Glen; check out our article here:

Watch Watkins Glen NASCAR Race Live Online for Free – Sprint Cup Streaming Video Feeds Attract Race Fans

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It is very important for both Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Mark Martin to finish at least decent in this race as they need to make a push to get into the top 12 before the Chase for the Sprint Cup begins.  It will be very interesting to see how many people search to watch the NASCAR race live online for free this weekend as it is a road course which could lead to some excitement.  Some early favorites include Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart as both of these drivers have won at Watkins Glen before and they are looking to do so again this Sunday, August 8th, 2010


Over the last several years it has become very common for sports fans to tune in to their favorite events live online for free. This phenomenon has recently picked up the pace in NASCAR as many fans are searching to watch a NASCAR race live online for free. With streaming Sprint cup racing available in 2010 it makes sense that fans would be willing to forgo sitting in front of the TV and paying for cable if they can simply watch their favorite sport from their computer.

It is important to realize that there are many websites available that offer NASCAR races live online but not all of them are completely free. The more popular races tend to have some type of fee base but many NASCAR fans are willing to pay this extra money to see such races as the Daytona 500, the Brickyard 400, or the Coca-Cola 600. Before making any final decisions to pay to watch a NASCAR race live online it would be wise to exhaust your resources to see if there are any free sites available.

NASCAR.com has created many free resources that are available online that can help fans gain access to streaming video. Most of the time these free resources do not include live race videos. There are many membership opportunities on NASCAR.com that allow fans to watch or listen to a specific driver during the entire race. Remember, once again, that a lot of these services are not completely free.

Each week throughout the summer and fall many Americans search to watch the NASCAR race live online for free. It seems to be the case that many more fans have grown accustomed to using their computer rather than watching a television set. With this being the case it should come as no surprise to see this trend continue to grow. During the Christmas shopping season of 2010 the Google TV will come out and that will only encourage more Americans to search the Internet while watching their television set.

It will be very intriguing to see what the Google TV has to offer as many sports fans will likely enjoy the luxuries of checking the stats of their favorite athletes or drivers while having the ability to watch live TV at the same time. It is also true that they will no longer have to search all over the Internet to find live TV as it will be available for them in congruence with their Internet browser.

In 2010 we have already seen many different stories play out. One of the most intriguing stories to many NASCAR fans is the fact that Dale Earnhardt Jr continues to struggle when it comes to reaching the Chase for the Sprint cup. With just five races to go until the Sprint cup Chase Dale Earnhardt Jr is sitting on the outside looking in which could prove to be detrimental to NASCAR as a whole. There is very little argument to be made that Dale Earnhardt Jr is the most popular driver in the entire series.

Over the next several weeks we will begin to better understand if that Hendrick drivers will be able to get in to the chase for the Sprint cup. At the present time we see Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson in great position to make the Chase but Mark Martin and Dale Earnhardt Jr are going to have to work diligently to get the extra points needed to get into the top 12 to make the Chase for the Sprint cup.

Some other intriguing story lines that have come up in 2010 with the fact that many fans have decided that they will not travel to watch a NASCAR race. The Brickyard 400 at the Indianapolis motor Speedway was only half-full and it was quite obvious that NASCAR fans and fans in general are voicing their opinion about issues related to the sport. Whether that be the price of tickets, the way they are treated, or the fact that fans are not traveling for races has yet to be determined.

Over the next several weeks NASCAR officials hope that the overall attendance continues to increase for these important races. If the attendance continues to fall then there could be major issues as this sport is not going to be able to handle a major down turn if there is a possible double dip recession. With many of the drivers getting paid through sponsors this is a sport that must see a large audience to continue to be successful.

Ultimately, businesses are not going to be willing to advertise on NASCAR cars or for drivers if eyes are not watching events. Unlike most major professional sports NASCAR is the one sport in which sponsors pretty much dictate how much money is made. These sponsors are not going to be happy seeing races that are only half full.

What is also concerning for sponsors is the fact that many Americans have decided to start watching NASCAR races live online for free. Instead of actually attending these events or even watching it on TV it is the case that they are resorting to their computer. While they are still seeing the sponsors it is not the same as if they were watching the sponsors diligently from their television or at the event. When watching any event from a computer it is likely the case that your eyes will not stay on the event the whole time.

Even if the number of searches to watch NASCAR live online for free explodes over the next several weeks it is still going to be the case that NASCAR is concerned about the viewership of their sport. Unfortunately, there is very little they can do in the 2010 season and they are attempting to adjust the rules and regulations for 2011. unfortunately, many fans are already concerned that these changes are not going to increase the popularity of the sport they know and love.

Author: Thom Austin


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