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Watch Bears vs Chargers Preseason Game Live Online – August 14 San Diego vs Chicago NFL Game at 6:00

UPDATE:  After the impressive showing in the first week of the preseason the San Diego Chargers offense is looking to step it up again.  This week they will take on the Dallas Cowboys in a rematch of last years regular season game that was highlighted by a goal line stand by the Chargers defense.  Look for a large number of people to search to watch the Cowboys vs Chargers preseason game this Saturday, August 18th.

Ryan Mathews, the Chargers rookie RB, looked very good tonight as he repeatedly broke tackles, used his stiff arm and showed some speed that Chargers fans have not seen out of a tailback in a few years (Darren Sproles excluded).  Those who are in keeper fantasy drafts, it might be a wise choice to consider this guy as he could score some major points being in that offense.  Think LT of a few years ago.  Now that the starters and impact players are out its time to start looking for a place to watch the 49ers vs Colts preseason game live online.

There is very bad news for those who were hoping to watch this game on TV.  The game is going to be blacked out because the Chargers could not sell enough tickets.  As always, there will be live audio broadcasts available but those who wanted to see Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates and Ryan Mathews will have to wait for the tape delay in the San Diego area.  It will also be the case that the NFL Network will eventually replay this game but we will not get to see it live on August 14th.  For those hoping to listen to the game it will start around 9:00 on the east coast and 6:00 on the west coast.  Most other sporting events should be over by that point so many NFL fans will direct their attention to this game.

This game will take place tonight at 6:00 on the West Coast and it looks as if many fans will resort to the Internet to watch this game.  Unfortunately, it looks like the game will be blacked out in many areas so fans are going to have to find a live streaming feed online.  With this being the case it will come as no surprise to see many fans searching to watch the Bears vs Chargers preseason game live online.  The August 14th game should be very interesting as this is the first preseason game for both teams.

This preseason game between the Bears and Chargers has become quite the topic of conversation as there is a possibility of a blackout for this game which means that many Bears and Chargers fans will either have to attend the game or find it on a live streaming fee on August 14th.  If the Bears vs Chargers game is blacked out it will be the case that many fans will search to watch the preseason game live online.  Unfortunately, it may be the case that some fans will have to pay to watch Philip Rivers or Jay Cutler.

Many Chargers and Bears fans are getting very excited about this game as this will be one of the key preseason matchups as each of these teams are expected to not only make the playoffs but to go deep into the playoffs.  While there have not been talks of a Bears vs Chargers Super Bowl it is definitely possible if all the cards play out just right.  With this being the case it should seem logical that the Bears vs Chargers will get decent ratings on Saturday night.

Philip Rivers and Jay Cutler do not like each other so this should be a very entertaining game to watch.  The San Diego fans will be sure to let Mr. Cutler know that he lead the league in interceptions last year.  Even though the two starting quarterbacks will likely only play around 10 snaps it will still be exciting to watch as we expect to see many San Diego and Chicago fans to search to watch the Bears vs Chargers preseason game live online.

Two teams that are predicted to go deep into the 2010 NFL playoffs are the Chicago Bears and the San Diego Chargers.  These teams will match up in the 2010 NFL preseason on August 14th.  With many fans from each of these teams looking for very impressive seasons it will likely be the case that many search to watch the Bears vs Chargers preseason game live online.  The San Diego Chargers are coming off another AFC West division title in 2009 but they lost in their first playoff game to the New York Jets.

With the Chargers still upset about the way last season ended it will be interesting to see how they come out and play in the 2010 preseason.  Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates were both recently critical of LaDainian Tomlinson stated that he often felt as if he was bigger than the team.  Anyone watching the San Diego Chargers in 2010 noticed that LT was getting many more touches than he truly deserved.  After his toe injury several years ago Tomlinson has definitely lost a step and a 10 yard gain was something to celebrate for Tomlinson last year.

Now that LT has moved on to the New York Jets, the same team that beat the Chargers in the playoffs last year, it will be interesting to see if the San Diego offense can improve on last season.  A growing problem for the San Diego offense is the fact that they could not establish a running game.  Part of this may be due to the fact that Tomlinson wanted carries when he should not have had the ball in his hands.  This year Darren Sproles will take over but first round draft pick Ryan Mathews is expected to make a big contribution as well.

One thing is for certain, the San Diego Chargers are now Philip Rivers team.  Over the last few years it seemed as if it was a transition process from a LaDainian Tomlison team to a Philip Rivers team.  Now that Tomlinson is gone there is little doubt who will be dominating the offensive huddle in 2010.  Rivers is coming off a Pro Bowl season but he is looking to step it up even more with the help of an improved running game.  With any resemblance of a running game the San Diego Chargers have had an unstoppable offense in the past.

If Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles can combine to piece together at least 100 rushing yards a game the San Diego Chargers are going to be very difficult to beat.  It seems to be the case that any wide receivers running routes for the San Diego Chargers find a way to get open and make big catches.  Each and every week the Chargers went deep last year and they were very successful.  Vincent Jackson is looking to follow up his Pro Bowl season with an even bigger year in 2010 and that could be possible if San Diego finds some type of running game.

With these questions looking to get answered in the preseason look for many dedicated San Diego fans to search to watch the Bears vs Chargers preseason game live online.  With this game not being nationally televised it will be the case that out of market viewers may have to resort to the Internet to watch their favorite teams play.  With the advancements in technology it has become much more common for fans to watch live NFL games online.  Look for this trend to pick up even more in the 2010 season.

On the other side of the ball for this matchup will be the Chicago Bears.  The Bears had a disappointing season in 2009 as they only won seven games.  Their star middle linebacker, Brian Urlacher went down early in the season to injury and never returned.  This year the Bears should have an unbelievable defense as they have added Julius Peppers to the defensive line.  With Peppers coming in to a defense that already packs a punch it will be interesting to see how much he can produce when it comes to sacks in 2010.

The Chicago Bears have had a great defense for several years but the big problem has always been on the offensive side of the ball.  Even when they went to the Super Bowl they greatly struggled on offense, especially at the quarterback position.  The Bears went out and got Jay Cutler before the 2009 season and he was expected to turn things around.  Instead, he lead the league in interceptions and proved to be a very bad quarterback in 2009.  With 26 interceptions on his resume, Jay Cutler is going to have to change things in 2010 to prove to Chicago Bears fans that he is a worthy quarterback.

Interestingly enough, Jay Cutler used to play for the Denver Broncos which is an arch rival to the San Diego Chargers.  It has been well documented that Philip Rivers and Jay Cutler do not like each other as they have talked smack on the field.  Over the past several years Philip Rivers has gotten the best of the Denver Broncos as the San Diego Chargers have never lost the AFC West division with Rivers at the helm.  Once Jay Culter left Denver the rivalry simmered a little bit but look for Cutler and Rivers to have quite the conversation on August 14th in San Diego, California.

This is just another reason that many NFL fans will search to watch the Bears vs Chargers preseason game live online.  The game will start at 6:00 on the west coast and 9:00 on the east coast.  It is also the case that this game will not be on television in many markets so fans will have to find access to this game in other ways such as going to the local sports bar or searching to watch the NFL online.  It is unfortunate that all of America will not get to see Jay Cutler’s return to San Diego as the Charger fans are sure to treat him the way he played last year.  Fans will be sure to let him know about the 27 inceptions he threw in the 2009 regular season.

The entire 2010 NFL Preseason TV schedule is very exciting as the month of August will be one to watch football.  The Bears vs Chargers will be one of the highlights early on as fans will want to see if the San Diego Chargers have a running game and if the Chicago Bears defense is as good as advertised.  This does not even include the rivalry that has been brewing between Philip River and Jay Cutler over the last few years.

Author: Thom Austin


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