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Watch Giants vs Jets Preseason Game Live Online – ESPN HD TV Broadcast for August 16th Battle of New York

UPDATE:  Many Chargers fans will be very interested in this game and will likely watch as there are a few former Chargers that are on the New York Jets this year.  It is also the case that Eli Manning was drafted by the Chargers and did not want to play for them.  With many Chargers connections it will be interesting to see what the fans in San Diego think of this matchup in the first Monday Night preseason game of the year.

For those waiting to watch the Giants vs Jets preseason game here is a VERY funny video of Eli Manning being interviewed.  The Manning brothers have done a very good job of marketing themselves as both Eli and Peyton have proved to be very funny in television commercials and TV interviews.  The Monday Night Game between the Giants and Jets should be very interesting to watch as each of these New York teams are looking to make a Super Bowl run in 2010.

Any ESPN HD Monday night football game is sure to cause quite the stir but this game is even more exciting because it will open the Jets new stadium.  With the Giants taking on the Jets in the preseason it is sure to cause many fans to watch just to see what the new stadium looks like.  The New York Jets are expected to make a major run in the 2010 season and we will see if thats the case as the starters look to get at least 10 snaps Monday night.

The 2010 NFL preseason is underway and many football fans are excited to see the pigskin getting tossed around again.  One of the most popular games of the early preseason is likely to be the NY Giants vs the NY Jets.  This game will be the battle of New York on Monday Night August 16th.  ESPN HD will have the live TV broadcast but many will also search to watch the Giants vs Jets preseason game live online.  With the advancements in technology and the Internet there are many more options to watch NFL games live online.

With the New York Jets coming off a very successful season in 2009 there are high expectations in 2010.  Mark Sanchez is in year two and Rex Ryan has an extra year to work with his defense.  By the 2009 playoffs the New York Jets defense had become smothering as Rex Ryan is not afraid to change things up on the defensive side of the ball.  The New York Jets went to San Diego and beat the AFC West champions on their home turf with a rookie quarterback.  Much of this success was due to the fact that the Jets defense was so controlling.

Now that Rex Ryan has even more of the players he wants it will be interesting to see how the Jets defense plays in 2010.  It is hard to image that the defense will be better than 2009 but they have added some big names which could help to hold opponents to even less yards and points.  One thing is for certain, Rex Ryan will blitz from all over the field and it is very hard for even the best quarterbacks to figure out his defensive packages.

The New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning has been through a lot in his career and it will be interesting to see if he can piece together an MVP type season in 2010.  Many are critical of Manning as he has never put up the obscene numbers that his brother has.  Even though Eli Manning has a Super Bowl ring many feel that it was the offensive and defensive lines that helped the Giants to that particular Super Bowl victory.

No matter what the case, Eli is looking to improve in 2010.  The Giants are in a very difficult division but two of the four teams are starting new quarterbacks in 2010 with Donovan McNabb going to the Washington Redskins and Kevin Kolb starting for the Philadelphia Eagles.  Any quarterback starting in the first year of a new offense is sure to have growing pains and it will be interesting to see what is in store for the NFC East.

With two storied franchises playing in the early part of the preseason look for many New York fans to search to watch the Giants vs Jets preseason game live online.  Even though this game will be aired on ESPN HD it will likely be the case that some of the more advanced websites will also have a live streaming feed.  When the regular season begins this will stop as the NFL Sunday Ticket is the only way to watch live NFL football games if you are looking for a streaming feed online.

Over the last several years the NFL has done an amazing job of adapting to technology.  It seems as if every single NFL stadium in America has at least one state of the art Jumbotron.  The stadiums that have been built in the last few years have some technologies that are quite remarkable.  It is getting to the point that fans go to games just to enjoy the technology and the actual NFL game is an afterthought.  These will always be fans that are in the minority but there are some of them out there.

This is one of the main reasons why the NFL continues to dominate when it comes to interest and TV ratings.  Even with Monday Night Football being on ESPN and ESPN HD it still gets huge TV ratings.  Each and every Sunday in the fall the NFL dominates as fans stream to their living room to catch the game that is on in their local area.  This may change in the very near future and more fans use their computer to watch TV.  The NFL Sunday Ticket offers a package in which users can watch any NFL regular season game from their computer.

With Google TV coming out this fall it will be very interesting to see how the NFL adjusts.  The Google TV will allow viewers to surf the web on an Internet browser while watching live TV.  This is sure to be very popular amongst fans who play fantasy football.  Not only will they be able to watch their favorite team on television but they can also see live updated stats on the exact same screen.  This is enough to get many hardcore fans to pre order the Google TV before the NFL season starts.

No matter how well the Google TV sells, one thing is for certain, NFL and sports fans are using the Internet much more than they ever have to gain access to stats and videos.  With this being the case look for an explosion of searches to watch the Giants vs Jets preseason game live online sometime Monday, August 16th.  The battle of New York is sure to be a very entertaining game to watch and it will also be the first time most fans get to see the new New York Jets stadium.

The NFL preseason does not get anything close to the ratings of the regular season but with so many fans excited about the 2010 there are sure to be many TV sets tuned to the NFL games this August.  With the college football season not truly starting until early September many football fans will have to quench their thirst for the sport that we all know and love.  Checking up on the 2010 NFL preseason TV schedule might be a wise decision so you do not miss any of the action.

Over the next month we will learn which NFL teams have a great first string and, more than likely, which teams have great depth as many NFL teams do not play their starters that much in the preseason.  Some NFL stars have stated that they do not enjoy playing in the preseason and some do not play at all.  Even if some of the stars are absent from the games it will still be the case that America will be watching as it is football season!

Author: Thom Austin


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