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Watch Cowboys vs Chargers Preseason Game Live Online – NFL Dallas Takes on San Diego on August 21

The NFL preseason is well underway and many fans are excited to finally get to see their favorite teams in action.  By now all teams have played except the Jets and the Giants as they will play on the first Monday Night Football broadcast.  Two teams that are looking to make a run at the Super Bowl in 2011 are the Dallas Cowboys and the San Diego Chargers.  There is very little doubt that each of these teams has the talent to go all the way but the question will be if they can hold up through the playoff run.  With these two teams being very popular NFL teams it will come as no surprise to see many people searching to watch the Cowboys vs Chargers preseason game live online.

In the NFL anything can happen but a mainstay over the last five years has been the San Diego Chargers winning the AFC West.  Even when they are down several games early in the season they always seem to find a way to win in December which allows them to get into the playoffs as the AFC West champs.  A few years ago they were two games behind with three games to go and they still managed to win the AFC West.

More and more fans are beginning to enjoy watching Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers play as they know how to put points on the board.  Now that LaDainian Tomlinson is gone to New York Chargers fans are quite excited to see how Ryan Mathews plays with the bulk of the carries coming his way.  During the first preseason game Mathews looked very impressive using his stiff arm and speed to get around the corner.  He actually looked like the LT of old.  With Chargers fans having many memories of LT it will likely be the case that many of them watch the Giants vs Jets preseason game. While most Chargers fans do not wise him the worst they will want to see if he picks up where he left in San Diego which was many rushes for 2 to 3 yards before getting crushed.

Now that Ryan Mathews is the Chargers running back they have little to worry about but some of these fans will want to know if LT has anything left in the tank.  After his first injury a few years ago it seems as if Tomlinson lost his ability to cut which greatly hurts his running game.  That being said, the Chargers are full speed ahead and there is very little doubt that this is no Philip Rivers’ team.  There have been some talks prior to the preseason that many Chargers felt as if it should have been Rivers’ team earlier but there were other players in the locker room that wanted the recognition and ball more.  That is definitely not the case in 2010.

On the other side of the ball the Dallas Cowboys are looking to build off a season in which they finally won a playoff game last year.  It had been over a decade since the Dallas Cowboys won a playoff game but now that that is off their shoulders this might be the year that they go deep into the NFC playoffs.  Many analysts and fans are actually predicting that the Cowboys could go to the Super Bowl out of the NFC.  One thing is for certain, America loves to watch the Cowboys whether they love them or hate them.  Even though they have not been the best team in the league over the past few seasons they still draw huge crowds and TV ratings.

This preseason football game will not be on national TV so many fans are going to have to resort to other methods which means either going to a sports bar or using the Internet.  With America struggling to make ends meet when it comes to personal finances and many begging for a Tier 5 Unemployment Benefits Extension it should come as no surprise to see less people going out and more people resorting to the Internet when it comes to watching sports live online.  There are many resources available and it would be wise to take advantage of them rather than going out and spending money on food and drinks.

With the Dallas Cowboys looking to make a run at the 2011 Super Bowl it will be very exciting to see how Dallas fans react.  The 2011 Super Bowl will be held in Cowboys Stadium so it will be quite the event if Tony Romo can lead his team to a Super Bowl in his home stadium.  That would be quite the home field advantage.  The knock on Tony Romo over the last few years has been the fact that he has acted very immature.  Any player that has his love life in the media is immature.  When is the last time we heard anything about Peyton Manning’s or Philip River’s love life?  Exactly!

With Tony Romo attempting to grow up quickly it will likely determine if the Dallas Cowboys can advance deep in the 2011 NFL Playoffs.  If Romo continues to be immature and make mistakes on and off the field it will be very hard for this young quarterback to get his team to the big game.  What is very interesting is the fact that Romo and Rivers are both relatively young and looking to prove that they are elite quarterbacks in the NFL.  Over the last few seasons Rivers has actually had a quarterback rating well above 100 and he has never lost a game in December.

This is quite the opposite for Tony Romo as he seems to get worse as the season goes on.  There is very little doubt that the pressure situations determine just how good a quarterback is.  Philip Rivers has yet to take his team to a Super Bowl game but he is looking to do so this year with a very talented team.  If the defense is anything near as good as they looked in the first preseason game then the Chargers will be a team to be reckoned with in 2010.

Over the next week we will likely find that many people are talking about watching the Cowboys vs Chargers preseason game.  It has become much more common for fans to watch NFL games live online for free. Look for this to continue as sports fans are looking to save money in this troubling economy.

Author: Charles Dean


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