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Giants vs Ravens Preseason TV Schedule – NFL Game Highlights Only for New York vs Baltimore

The NY Giants will take on the Baltimore Ravens tonight in what is sure to be the final tune up for most of the starters.  With this being the case many people will discuss and look for the Giants vs Ravens preseason TV schedule.  Unfortunately, there will only be NFL game highlights for this game for the national audience as only the local markets of New York and Baltimore are going to be able to catch this game live on TV.

Below is the entire 2010 NFL preseason TV schedule with the non television games as well; We look for a hot topic this year to be fans looking to watch NFL games live online for free as they want to save money.

8:00: Cincinnati vs. Dallas at Canton, Ohio (NBC)

Thursday, Aug. 12
7:30: New Orleans at New England
8:00: Carolina at Baltimore (ESPN)
9:00: Oakland at Dallas
Friday, Aug. 13
7:30: Buffalo at Washington (NFL)
7:30: Jacksonville at Philadelphia
8:00: Kansas City at Atlanta
Saturday, Aug. 14
7:00: Tampa Bay at Miami (NFL)
7:30: Detroit at Pittsburgh
8:00: Cleveland at Green Bay
8:00: Houston at Arizona
8:00: Minnesota at St. Louis
9:00: Chicago at San Diego
10:00: Tennessee at Seattle (NFL)
Sunday, Aug. 15
1:00: San Francisco at Indianapolis (NFL)
7:00: Denver at Cincinnati (NFL)
Monday, Aug. 16
8:00: N.Y. Giants at N.Y. Jets (ESPN)

Thursday, Aug. 19
7:30: Indianapolis vs. Buffalo at Toronto Colts vs Bills TV Schedule
8:00: New England at Atlanta (Fox) Patriots vs Falcons TV Schedule
Friday, Aug. 20
8:00: Philadelphia at Cincinnati (Fox)  Eagles vs Bengals TV Schedule
Saturday, Aug. 21
7:00: Baltimore at Washington  Ravens vs Redskins TV Schedule
7:00: Pittsburgh at N.Y. Giants (NFL)  Steelers vs Giants TV Schedule
7:30: Kansas City at Tampa Bay  Chiefs vs Bucs TV Schedule
7:30: Miami at Jacksonville  Dolphins vs Jaguars TV Schedule
7:30: St. Louis at Cleveland  Rams vs Browns TV Schedule
8:00: Houston at New Orleans  Texans vs Saints TV Schedule
8:00: N.Y. Jets at Carolina  Jets vs Panthers TV Schedule
8:30: Oakland at Chicago  Raiders vs Bears TV Schedule
9:00: Dallas at San Diego  Cowboys vs Chargers TV Schedule
9:00: Detroit at Denver  Lions vs Broncos TV Schedule
10:00: Green Bay at Seattle (NFL)  Packers vs Seahawks TV Schedule
Sunday, Aug. 22
8:00: Minnesota at San Francisco (NBC)  Vikings vs 49ers TV Schedule
Monday, Aug. 23
8:00: Arizona at Tennessee (ESPN)  Cardinals vs Titans TV Schedule

Thursday, Aug. 26
7:30: St. Louis at New England  Rams vs Patriots TV Schedule
8:00: Indianapolis at Green Bay (ESPN) Colts vs Packers TV Schedule
Friday, Aug. 27
7:00: Atlanta at Miami  Falcons vs Dolphins TV Schedule
7:00: Washington at N.Y. Jets  Redskins vs Jets TV Schedule
8:00: San Diego at New Orleans (CBS)  Chargers vs Saints TV Schedule
8:00: Philadelphia at Kansas City  Eagles vs Chiefs TV Schedule
Saturday, Aug. 28
5:00: Cleveland at Detroit (NFL) Browns vs Lions TV Schedule
6:30: Cincinnati at Buffalo  Bengals vs Bills TV Schedule
7:30: Jacksonville at Tampa Bay  Jaguars vs Bucs TV Schedule
7:30: N.Y. Giants at Baltimore  Giants vs Ravens TV Schedule
8:00: Dallas at Houston (CBS)  Cowboys vs Texans TV Schedule
8:00: Seattle at Minnesota  Seahawks vs Vikings TV Schedule
8:00: Tennessee at Carolina  Titans vs Panthers TV Schedule
8:30: Arizona at Chicago Cardinals vs Bears TV Schedule
9:00: San Francisco at Oakland  49ers vs Raiders TV Schedule
Sunday, Aug, 29
8:00: Pittsburgh at Denver (Fox)  Steelers vs Broncos TV Schedule

Thursday, Sept. 2
7:00: Buffalo at Detroit
7:00: Cincinnati at Indianapolis
7:00: New England at N.Y. Giants (NFL)
7:30: Atlanta at Jacksonville
7:30: Carolina at Pittsburgh
7:30: N.Y. Jets at Philadelphia
8:00: Baltimore at St. Louis
8:00: Chicago at Cleveland
8:00: Denver at Minnesota
8:00: Green Bay at Kansas City
8:00: Miami at Dallas
8:00: New Orleans at Tennessee
8:00: Tampa Bay at Houston
10:00: San Diego at San Francisco
10:00: Seattle at Oakland
10:00: Washington at Arizona (NFL)


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