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Cyber Monday Apple Store Deals – 2010 Sales on iPad, iPod and iPhone Could See Discounts as Christmas Gifts

As we get closer to Cyber Monday many people will look for the best Cyber Monday Apple Stores deals.  While no one truly knows what sales will be available in 2010 when it comes to the iPad, iPod and iPhone you can expect at least some retailers to have some sort of deal or discount with a purchase of one of these hot Apple products.

During Black Friday Apple offered a few good deals when it comes to the iPad and iPod and we can expect to see about a 10% discount from the Apple Store on Cyber Monday as well.  It will be interesting to see just how many people surf over to Apple.com looking for the best deals on the hottest Christmas item, the Apple iPad.  It is crazy to think that these tablet device came out this year and it seems like almost everyone already has one.  This is definitely the most popular Christmas gift idea in 2010.

Here are the prices that are currently available from WalMart during the Christmas holiday shopping season when it comes to the iPad:

16 GB Apple iPad WiFi – $499.00

32 GB Apple iPad WiFi – $599.00

64 GB Apple iPad WiFi – $699.00

16 GB Apple iPad Wifi with 3G – $629.00

32 GB Apple iPad WiFi with 3G – $729.00

64 GB Apple iPad WiFi with 3G – $829.00

The prices for the Apple iPad at Verizon Wireless are located below. Remember that 3G coverage will necessitate some type of plan.

16 GB Bundle Wifi with 3G – $629.99

32 GB Bundle WiFI with 3G – $729.99

64 GB Bundle WiFi with 3G – $829.99

The prices at Target the Apple iPad are located below:

16 GB Apple iPad WiFi – $499.99

32 GB Apple iPad WiFi – $599.99

64 GB Apple iPad WiFi – $699.99

16 GB Apple iPad Wifi with 3G – $629.99

32 GB Apple iPad WiFi with 3G – $729.99

64 GB Apple iPad WiFi with 3G – $829.99

It may be the case that many retailers offer little or no shipping on these items if you make a purchase on Cyber Monday.  Remember that there are many different retailers that will be selling this item include Best Buy, Target, WalMart and the Apple Store.  Make sure to explore all of these options before spending several hundred dollars on a Christmas gift this holiday season.  There is no doubt that this will be a great Christmas gift but you will want to find as many savings as possible as the overall economy continues to struggle and most Americans have to work very hard for every single dollar they earn.

As we get closer and closer to Christmas it will be very interesting to see if many retailers discount the iPhone, iPad or Ipod.  With these items being very popular it seems to be the case that Apple is struggling to keep up with production.  At the present time it looks as if demand is exceeding supply which means that we will likely not see big price drops or discounts any time in the near future.  With that being said, you may be able to find a 10% discount or some free shipping from retailers throughout the country and on Cyber Monday.


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